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Currently, Be The Change, Inc. manages three campaigns – Service Year Alliance, Opportunity Nation, and Got Your 6 – to advance national service, economic mobility, and veteran empowerment.



Vision: Every year, one million young Americans engaged in a service year, solving important problems while transforming their own lives.

Mission: Make a year of service a common expectation and opportunity for all young Americans.

Goal: One million service year opportunities within a generation.

Vision: A society in which the zip code you are born into does not determine your chances in life.  

Mission: Restore the promise of the American Dream by ensuring that all Americans – regardless of where they were born – have the opportunity to thrive. 

Goal: Advocate policy change that expands opportunity and catalyzes private sector and community actions to raise scores on the Opportunity Index.

Vision: A nation where the quarter million veterans exiting the military every year return home to be embraced as leaders and civic assets. 

Mission: Bridge the military-civilian divide and ensure that veterans are empowered to lead back home in their communities. 

GoalUnite leading veteran-focused nonprofit, entertainment industry, and government partners to change the cultural narrative about veterans and empower veterans to use their skills to strengthen our communities.

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