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Our campaign, Opportunity Nation, brings together young community leaders and innovative coalition members in their fight to change the landscape of opportunity in the United States. The campaign’s blog shares the voices of leaders and activists in opportunity and recently featured the voices of Sohil Shah and Jennifer Saunders, both of whom are using innovation to expand opportunity.

When Sohil Shah was a sophomore in high school, he started a small tutoring company to make some extra money. One student reached out to him who needed help in her US history course, but she could not afford the tutoring fee. Shah agreed to tutor her for free, and this experience opened Shah’s eyes to the inequality present in education. “From that moment, I understood that education is so critical because it has the power to change the world and invent new solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems,” Shah wrote in the blogpost.

With this realization, Shah became dedicated to leveling the opportunity playing field. Following his high school graduation, he co-founded a company called The College Essayist, which connects students with student mentors who help with college application essays, interview strategies and more. “We know that if we can help one student realize their potential, we can cultivate new leaders. Looking back at the beginning of my high school career, I never imagined that I would pursue this kind of work, but I couldn’t feel better about it,” Shah said.

With the creation of The College Essayist, Shah recognized a place where privilege determines opportunity, and his company works to mitigate that inequity. Jennifer Saunders did the same when she founded People 4 People Productions, which has joined Opportunity Nation’s coalition.

Saunders describes People 4 People Productions as “a film/media literacy career technology education program provider. We teach students how to think critically about media and how to use 21st century digital technology to create videos, films, new public works and new jobs.” Through the Opportunity National Coalition, People 4 People Productions will have the ability to work with and support a wider range of companies, organizations and individuals that are committed to expanding opportunity.

With a Master’s for Media Studies, Saunders sees great potential in film/ media literacy education. “I believe that at this juncture, it would be a missed opportunity if society does not use the transformative power of film/media literacy education to revolutionize civic engagement, economic prosperity and youth opportunity in this country,” she said in her post.

We at Be The Change are happy that People 4 People Productions has joined the Opportunity National Coalition, as the company brings an interesting and innovative approach to expanding opportunity. We look forward to working with Saunders and People 4 People Productions in the future!

Read Shah’s full blogpost here and Saunder’s post here.

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