Monday, 3/23/15, 12:00am - 12:00am

Serve A Year Launch

On March 23rd, ServiceNation launched the Serve A Year Cultural Campaign at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Studies in Los Angeles with Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Clinton. The event was attended by over 350 Hollywood executives Hollywood executives, writers and producers, tech entrepreneurs and senior corporate executives and was followed up by a national television appearance of Chelsea Clinton announcing the campaign on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

At the event, ServiceNation also unveiled new national service initiatives and partnerships including...
  • Airbnb is providing free, temporary accommodations to AmeriCorps members as they transition into their new cities when serving a year
  • Funny Or Die producing digital videos featuring national service to their audience of over 60 million viewers
  • RideScout as the Transportation Sponsor of Serve A Year working to make transportation seamless and simple for AmeriCorps members in the communities they serve.
  • Tumblr's team of artists creating Serve A Year-specific content that will introduce the idea of a service year to a new generation. 
  • A YouTube campaign in which 52 YouTube stars who will do a week of service, shadowing people doing a year of service, and posting to their on their popular YouTube Channels.
  • and companies like RideScout, Airbnb and Comcast & NBCUniversal making huge campaign commitments. 
Learn more about the Serve A Year movement.

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