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Be The Change, Inc. creates and manages national issue-based campaigns driven by broad cross-sector coalitions.

Meet Nicole and Heath.

NicoleNicole spent most of her childhood bouncing between relatives because of her mother’s severe drug addiction. She lost her father and grandmother to drug overdoses in her early teen years. She was soonafter placed in child protective services and became homeless. 

Nicole then connected with New Door Ventures, an organization that helps young people like Nicole find paid job internships. With the help of her case manager at New Door Ventures, Nicole completed a year-long internship where she gained valuable job and leadership skills. She went on to enroll at City College in San Francisco where she is currently a full-time student. 

Organizations like New Door Ventures and the Veteran Leader Corps are making an impact for thousands of people like Nicole and Heath across the country, but they cannot do it alone.

heath2Motivated to help protect our country after 9/11, Heath chose to leave a successful corporate career and enlisted in the US Marine Corps at age 33. While on Patrol, he was hit with an improvised explosive device (IED) and put on medical evacuation, returning home physically and emotionally injured.

After spending the past four years training to be a precision machine gunner, Heath felt like he had lost his identity and found himself struggling in a “vicious cycle of hate.” That’s when his Aunt Rose encouraged him to join AmeriCorps and volunteer his time helping others with the Veteran Leader Corps. There, he found the same sense of pride he had during his time in the military. Serving others with the Veteran Leader Corps restored his sense of self and renewed his identity. Heath continued his service with AmeriCorps and joined the American Red Cross where he currently works to develop the organization’s community engagement strategy.

After working directly with some of the nation’s most prolific organizations and programs including the U.S. Military, AmeriCorps and City Year, we came to a realization. While each organization was making an impact on its own, they were all working independently, even though many shared the same goals. 

Imagine how these organizations could expand their collective impact if they worked together, sharing resources, networks, and ideas.

Be The Change, Inc. was founded on this principle of cross-sector collaboration to create broad-scale, long-term systemic change in America.

Through our national campaigns, we convene social entrepreneurs, elected officials, military and faith-based leaders, academics, private sector leaders, organizations and citizens to maximize collective impact for each of our causes.

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